Interior Design Trends for 2022

After a whirlwind two years of pandemics and lockdowns, work from home setups and spending more time at home, we are looking forward to the wholesome interior design trends coming in 2022. Here’s what to look out for in the year to come…

Craftmanship and treasured investments

As the world recognises the negative impact of fast fashion and shows a much stronger appreciation for handcrafted, locally-made pieces, people are now looking to style their home for a long time, not just while it’s ‘in-vogue’. 2022 will see homeowners and residents spending more on their interiors – on timeless, high-quality furniture and vintage pieces that add uniqueness to the space and tell a story.


Taking a minimalistic approach to design, and life, strengthens the livability of your space. Since the home office isn’t going away any time soon, minimalism is a great way to encourage an effortless transition from work to home.

Nature to nurture

Natural is timeless. Throughout 2022 we will see the re-emergence of natural materials, colour palates and elements that ignite connection. From sustainable timber finishes and stone embellishments to having more natural greenery within the home, bringing these natural pieces into the home adds movement and has a nurturing effect on residents and visitors alike.


To add depth and an edge to a living space that is minimalistic and natural, incorporate a strong accent such as black or gold touches. Stick to light and natural materials and colours for walls, floors, large furniture pieces, and incorporate a few little elements with your selected accent colour – door handles, side tables, lamps and decor.

Symmetry and structure

To evoke a sense of calm, tranquillity and peace in the home, stick with structured and symmetrical layouts, furniture and pieces. Slim lines in cabinetry and windows, geometric tiles and curved kitchen islands and feature walls will be seen in homes across the world next year.