About us

We elevate all projects with creative energy, a shared passion for exceptional design & development, extensive expertise, & love for our community.


Remaining well balanced and sensible, we elevate every project to the next level. Breaking design barriers, creating new norms and delivering a remarkable experience for our partners.

With 15 years’ experience across diverse development and construction management at scale, exponential growth, and a strong track record of success, we design and deliver exceptional projects that offer refined creativity, strategic plans and sound investments.


DEVELOPMENT | With vast experience across all sectors, we approach each development with a tailored process that ensures maximum return on investment. Delivering on-time and high-quality projects, we offer the complete package from site sourcing and acquisition to feasibility studies, DA approvals and construction.

CONSTRUCTION | Our extensive industry knowledge and experience in a wide range of areas allow us to assist our clients no matter what they need. Providing a completely holistic service, from design conception to completion, we pride ourselves on offering our expertise at every step of the construction process.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT | We consult and manage a variety of large-scale projects ensuring on time and on budget deliveries with the highest returns for all stakeholders. From the point of research and acquisition, through to completion, we leave no stone unturned.



Consulting & Project Management

Terra Ferma began as a consultant for a variety of large-scale projects within the education, medical, residential, retail industries as well as the government sector. Terra Ferma completed major projects including upgrading the Harbour Bridge railway infrastructure and HIA Newcastle.


Developer/Building Contractor

Recognised for their on-time and high-quality delivery of commercial and residential projects, Terra Ferma went on to provide developer and contractor work for a variety of large-scale projects within the education, medical, residential and retail industries.


Developer/Building Contractor

As experts in their field, Terra Ferma diversified their offering to design and delivery of boutique, residential and senior housing developments, as well as government awarded projects.


Developer/Managing Contractor

Specialising in high-end boutique, senior living and commercial developments. Terra Ferma provides clients with a holistic and superior experience and have completed more than 50 development projects, all delivered to the highest standards.

A powerhouse of creative energy, innovative designs and exceptional developments, Diaa and Heba are incredibly passionate about their business. Together, Diaa and Heba are two unique forces coming together to manage each project from inception to completion and deliver exceptional results for all parties.
A strategic planner with the ability to see the bigger picture, Diaa delivers remarkable developments by bringing together all relevant parties involved in the overall delivery of the project. Unbound with his ideas, Diaa is an exceptional director with a clear vision and entrepreneurial approach. Utilising his 20 years’ experience in construction, he is able to ensure all projects are delivered to perfection. Diaa creates opportunities, identifies potential in all possible options, ensures continual growth for the business and has a reputation for maximising the financial returns for all.
A trailblazer in the design space, Heba is the General Manager of Operations, managing the entire scope of the project. Delivering exceedingly high standards in work and an exquisite eye for detail, Heba maximises the potential of each development with her refined taste and design experience. A creator and leader, Heba sets an original and unique vision for each project that tells a story and presents a complete picture. Heba has a diverse and demonstrated history in the design industry.


Terra Ferma is an Australian company with an extensive track record that sets them apart from the crowd, ensuring exceptional results for everyone – the business, the team, the partners, the investors and the wider community.