Because of our deep belief in the giving back to the communities we live in, Terra Ferma supports multiple charities globally and in Australia, prioritising education, housing, health, poverty & homelessness. Driven by this commitment, Terra Ferma strives to empower individuals, provide stable living environments, improve healthcare access, and tackle housing insecurity, fostering stronger, more resilient communities.

Shepherds of Egypt - building 20 homes

Contributing to the ‘Housing Development Program’ by building 20 homes to those that are in need.

The Shepherd of Egypt (SoE) is a not-for-profit organisation with a central focus on providing dignity, assistance, and quality of life to the most vulnerable in Egypt. Through skilled volunteers and generous donations, they provide hope, help and opportunity to those living below the poverty line. Established in 2012 SoE has been actively involved in several projects all over Egypt including mobile health clinics, housing developments, support programs and small business initiatives. Due to the success of our programs, we are receiving an increasing number of requests for care and services that we offer.

Cambodia Rural Students Foundation

Terra Ferma is proud to be a sponsor of the Cambodia Rural Students Foundation, and organisation that aims to break the vicious poverty cycle through education. Founded in 2011, CRST is managed on the ground by Australian business volunteers who provide students in Cambodia education, health and dental care, life-skill courses and monthly living allowances. CRST is unique as 100% of the donations go directly toward helping the vulnerable. CRST helps people build homes for $1000. This inspired Terra Ferma, as a property group in Australia, to support them on their mission of providing homes to people in need.

The Virgin Mary Coptic Orthodox Nunnery

The Virgin Mary Coptic Orthodox Nunnery – Mother of Mercy & Compassion -The Nunnery in Goulburn supports females particularly migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers as well financially disadvantaged and those fleeing from domestic violence.

Love Your Sister

Love your sister is a charity focused on vanquishing cancer, and since its inception in 2012 has raised nearly $20M for medical research.

Youth Three Sixty

Youth Three Sixty is a collaboration of organisations with a clear focus on resilience and well-being, joining forces with the mission to nurture, empower and launch our young people into the lives they deserve.

Poverty & Homelessness
St Merkorious Charity

St. Merkorious Charity is an organisation dedicated to helping the homeless, disadvantaged, and at-risk people of Sydney to get the food, hygiene, and necessities they need to live healthily and with dignity. Established in 2013, St. Merkorious Charity is a local, not for profit charity assisting those in need. They currently provide over 4,000 nutritious meals a week to individuals and families who are financially stressed the elderly, disabled and the homeless.

St Wanas Kids Charity

St Wanas Kids Charity is focused on provides financial assistance to children in need in 3rd world countries and in Australia

RAIN – Resourceful Australian Indian Network

Resourceful Australian Indian Network – Supporting the Indian Sub-Continent Community